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The sun is shining through

Now, now there are two
warm brown eyes
Looking down lovingly at us
from the sky

The turbulent storms
have all been cleared
No more dark clouds
bringing us tears

The sun is shining through
no frowns on our faces
Instead bright smiles
have taken their places

Simple smiles
are what he wants to see
Lovingly exchanged amongst all of us,
his family

We, we shall carry on
with his mission of caring
By the example he left us
of kindness and sharing

Keep standing fast for the downtrodden,
no matter how hard life seems
And please, please
never give up your dreams

The stormy dark clouds
will one day reappear
But because he watches over us
there is no reason to fear

Those storm clouds will bring clear waters
but nothing of torment
So let us drink deep, keep hope
and just live in the moment
Posted by: post4apocalypse | April 19, 2009

You and I will meet again

I’m not sure how it will happen
Maybe you will come to me in a dream
or at the end of a rain-swollen river
flowing into the sea

You and I will meet again

I will never forget you my baby
or the fine man you have become
You are a saver of lives
Where was your savior when you needed one?

It is so like you to leave this world
on your own terms during the rains
But you leave us in turmoil
and me in nearly unbearable pain

It is so hard to come to see you
but now I know you are at peace
Soon I set sail on the sea of light
after I pick up the pieces you leave

Why does it take your final act
to give my life a greater sense of purpose?
People ask me if I feel your spirit
I answer yes! This inspiration is yours!

Someday our ships will cross at sea
so you and I can meet again
It may be soon, it may be later
until then I await the rains

RIP Greg ~ listen —> You and I will meet again
Posted by: post4apocalypse | August 22, 2008

Tina never kissed a boy

Tina never kissed a boy
through all her high school years
She preferred auto shop
got greasy and learned to strip gears
And she played the bass drum
in the marching band
Now her last day of high school
is close at hand

She has a yearning for travel
and a thirst for knowledge
But she doesn’t have the grades
or the money for college
When you don’t have many options
you can surely use a mentor
Tina found hers
at the local recruitment center

He told her she could make
Mechanic 1st class
If she made it through basic
and worked her ass
So Tina enlisted and got her orders
she bunked down in the army training barracks
and made fast friends
among the whites, blacks, asians and hispanics

Give them a gun
teach them to shoot straight
and how to clear the buildings
of people filled with hate
Bind their hands behind the back
and interrogate
Throw the terrorists in the Stryker
behind the iron grates

Now with her best friends ever
Tina braves the mean streets of Iraq
Serving her country
but barely armored for flak
When the real bullets start to fly
she wonders how she will react
Patrolling the mean streets in the searing heat
her convoy comes under attack

Lightweight Humvee
stopped by a RPG
Then it’s blown to bits
by an IED

From uncleared buildings bullets rain down
Tina runs from the safety of the Stryker
To pull her bloody dismembered friends
from the devastation of the blast crater

With an honorable discharge
back in the states
Tina has trouble
just thinking straight

how do you prove …

Give them a gun
teach them to shoot straight
If you can’t clear the buildings
of people filled with hate
Blow them to bloody hell
call in the bombers
There won’t be many left
after they drop the 2000 pounders

Mental toll of war hitting female servicemembers – USA

Photo dated 13 June 2003 a female US soldier manning a machine gun on a vehicle during clashes in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. The war in Iraq, which has killed or wounded more US women in combat than any other conflict, has redefined their role in the military and triggered a rethink of their place on the front line. Women who serve in the US army are barred from engaging in combat under rules drawn up by the Pentagon a decade ago. But the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, where the US is fighting an insurgency and no front line exists as such, have been proving grounds for the women soldiers. Image by AFP/Getty Images

Posted by: post4apocalypse | August 2, 2008

Double Yellow Line

Driving down a dark highway
with no known destination
I’m following a double yellow line
it’s my only road to salvation

No straight lines no telltale signs
no directions to follow
but I got to find a way back to you
to put an end to my sorrow

Out of cruise control
running low on gas
rear view suicides
are looking to pass

On the other side
of a double yellow line
unbroken strings of oncoming headlights
promising an end to my miserable mind

Strobe lights flashing
for those already crossed over
crash victims’ siren songs
beckoning me to follow

Freed from broken bodies
ghosts flushing through a funnel
drawn to the white light
at the end of the tunnel

To get to where you are
somehow I got to find
the will to cross over
a double yellow line 


Posted by: post4apocalypse | July 7, 2008

Winged Angel

It was the summer of ’69 I first saw her
from across a deep pool of river water
where I was resting after a morning swim

She was perched atop a rock tower
in her golden brown hair she wore wildflowers
she stood at the edge as if to jump in

High on the cliff she took no notice of me
down below I watched from under a tree
as she removed her blouse then her jeans

She looked down so proudly
at God’s gift of a perfect body
tanned all over so firm and lean

She leapt off the cliff in a graceful dive
like a winged angel from my dreams come alive
emerged with water streaming off glistening skin

Then I lost her as if awakened from a dream
only the wildflowers left floating in the stream
hopeless adoration for my angel there to begin

Posted by: post4apocalypse | July 7, 2008

Guitar Angel

One day in Golden Gate Park
Santana was playing a free concert
I saw my angel dancing gaily
in a long white flowing skirt

Dangling from her swan like neck
long strings of brightly colored beads
Oye Como Va
twirling circles endlessly

To the beat of Afro-Cuban rhythms
she kept an impossible pace
Flowing hair and colorful beads
encircling her radiant face

I picked a wildflower
from a nearby field growing
Would she wear it in her hair?
I was helplessly hoping

I approached quite slowly
adoration plainly showing
Her piercing blue eyes knowing
angelic aura glowing

Behind her ear she put my flower
I looked longingly into her lovely face
As the beat of the music grew slower
we came together in a dancing embrace

I held my angel so tightly
my heart fluttered with love’s pang
Carlos’ guitar sang Samba Pa Ti
yin matched perfectly with yang

Summer of Love photo by Robert Altman

Summer of Love photo by Robert Altman

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Our new home world has good air
there is plenty of oxygen to spare
planet Qi vibrates with intense energy
landing here we found new vitality

It was a bitter struggle at first to survive
but we discovered a way to thrive
we seized the labor of the native sentients
who have lived here since times ancient

Enslaved them to satisfy our endless needs
we cleverly justified our unjust deeds
inventing a religion by means of a book
we stuck them on a line with a fisherman’s hook

We harnessed them to till the soil 
and gather our harvests in endless toil
building a paradise where pure waters flow
so bountifully our fruit and grains can grow

Now I have left my home world behind
on a voyage of discovery hoping to find
a virgin world of pure waters and good air
where I can tend my own crops with loving care

On a quest to start a life of harmony
and end the cycle of inequality
a lonely traverse of the galactic plane
the never ending cosmos keeps me quite sane

My people send messages to ask of me
when am I coming home to Qi
I tell them when they let the sentients go
and there are no more worlds for me to explore

I am now way beyond the planetary race
my questions are asked of interstellar space
I know the answers are waiting in my mind
but the harmonious world I will never find

Posted by: post4apocalypse | June 19, 2008

The Celestial Beacon

Homing on a signal I sail the galactic gulf

to the source of a message of kindness and love

By aid of this beacon I find the celestial body

beaming the greeting of her desire to know me


Attracting my ship with irresistible gravity

I see that her star system is binary

My long lonely voyage from Qi nearly completed

I am hungered thirsted and thoroughly depleted


Between her twin suns I come to a rest

and she envelopes me in her perfect breast

Now recuperated nursing from her Milky Way

from this heaven I never ever want to stray


I want you more than for just one night

for far more than an act of mere physical delight

Making never ending love to you under starry light
is the eternity I pray for with all my might

Posted by: post4apocalypse | June 10, 2008

Qi ~ Redux

The thought occurred to me
that my home country
is not unlike the planet Qi

likewise we have harnessed
the labor of legions
of lower caste denizens

they satisfy our endless needs
they do the work
we consider dirty deeds

they bring in our crops, put food on our table
and clean up our crumbs
because we are unable

they come to my country to find a better life
instead they live a life invisible
afraid we will raid to set an example

they dream to become citizens
but they can’t
because we label them …

illegal immigrants

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Cemetary Fields

the green grassland shelters scarce species
a playground teems with kids playing games
the baseball diamond beckons young players
a memorial remembers her name

the grasshopper sparrow is protected
moms push their babes in the swings
a loud crack of the bat is heard
in the distance the meadowlark sings

kids scamper over the jungle gym
the ball escapes the glove
a small snake slithers through tall grasses
nearby there are little girls in love

the runner is rounding the bases
a vole peeks out from his hole
merry go round and round
home plate is his ultimate goal

the red tail hawk circles up yonder
a boy climbs up a rope
the throw to home plate is too late
and there will always be reason to hope

in memory of SARAH JEAN ROY


The other day I visited one of my favorite parks and I found myself inspired.
The park is called “Cemetary Fields” because it is the site of a future cemetary.
Now it is used for recreational purposes; youth sports such as soccer, la crosse and baseball are played on the fields. There is also a large area of native grasslands set aside to protect the endangered “grasshopper sparrow”.

Additionally the parents of a little girl who died of a rare illness built a wonderful kid’s playground at the park as a memorial to their daughter, Sarah Jean Roy.

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Three rays of light

Dawn must be breaking
Three rays of light come to me on the wing
Into my bed early morning, reaching

One ray all sweeti another so naughty today
The third most enchanting now enters the fray
to make mine the most wonderful day

How can I tell the most enchanting one
What she has let me become

I tell her she occupies my dreams every night
Keeping me warm until the morning light

But how can I describe my feeling down deep
When she comes to me virtually to sleep

One long night she hovers close above me
Close up I have never seen lips as full, lovely

Next night in the longest legs entwined 
So smooth and perfect in my mind

How can I tell my Hanna my dearest one
So totally enchanted with her I’ve become

Posted by: post4apocalypse | May 30, 2008

Emerald seas

When you hover over
and look down deeply at me
in your eyes I see Emerald seas
so vast in size yet so well known to me

Your piercing gaze
full of intensity
the bright rays
nearly blind me

I have your long soft hair
draped all over my face
your hair to filter the brightness
that makes my heart race

Now that you look right into me
this is what you will see
You will see how I feel
something that words can never reveal
Posted by: post4apocalypse | May 29, 2008

Brilliance of sun

I see you dressed in white
Skin colour mocha lite
Between your full lips mint tea flows
Believe me I surely know
How brilliantly you glow

Brightness of gaze
Endless legs
Brilliance of sun
I am the one
You constantly stun

Virtual lover lovely friend
There’s no need to pretend
You hear the sound
of my heart as it pounds
With the love I have found

Brightness of gaze
Our hearts beat in phase
Brilliance of sun
You are the one
For whom I will always come

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I am here to knock
on the door to your heart
and to give you a night of pleasure
in which lust will only be a small part
From a night with you
of shared passion
will flow epic words
I can now only barely imagine

We will share a new reality
one of adoration and Love so sublime
that exists as we lay together
our bodies so perfectly entwined

Yes our souls will match perfectly
lying together in your bed
a supplicant man stroking
in your virgin waters spring fed

I come gratefully to your bed
with a meaningful word
to be matched by a deep deed
I stroke you with my gallant sword

Now I give you a kiss
as deep as the desire
that burns inside me
with such brilliant fire

Look into my eyes as we writhe
to seek the wondrous prize
I long to satisfy your every need
that possibly could arise

Our eyes are locked
Our hearts are burning
to reach the fulfillment
of a Love so yearning

We share the vision
of mind’s eyes merged
as we satisfy the genuine lust
that our loins so greatly urge

Burning hearts
Shared passion
Loving bodies lusting
and nearly bursting

As I stroke within you
my pressure building from so deep
I truly believe that you are the one
I forever want to keep

To the deepest part of your heart
I send you my word
To the deepest part of your womb
I send you my sword

The most important wish I make
is that in your heart my love will take root
and if God allows it from my seed
a beautiful new soul will bear fruit

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Where would you rather live?

This city is too sterile for me
I won’t live with my head in a cloud
I gladly give up creature comforts
to walk in the dirt barefoot and proud
Now happy in my new agrarian life 
The effluent of your burn out life drops
Into our river see how thoroughly cleansed
to nourish our bountiful crops    

Although our vibrant life
lies easily in your view
Your sight is too myopic
to have any kind of clue 
We once worshipped cave shaman’s
totemic figures fired in clay
Now our women gathering the herbs
create the natural way

Surrounded by our loved ones
and babes in tow
How we glory in the bonfire
soothing warm glow
Agrarian state of the art 
Every person doing their part